utses.wbb - Manage Session Record


CALL "utses.wbb",mode,sesrec$,errmsg$


This program provides an interface to read, write, and delete the session record, if present. Session tracking can be initiated in the program by creating a global string (STBL) $sestpl before CALLing utcgi.wbb. This string is a string template definition to describe what session data the BASIC Web Utility should store. The BASIC Web Utility generates an HTTP cookie ($sesid) to retain the session ID code that the data is stored under.




Record management mode. Use 0 to read the session record, 1 to write it, or 2 to delete it. If mode is 0, sesrec$ returns the session record. If mode is 1, it is used to update the session record. It is ignored if mode is 2.


Session record.


Error message to return if an error occurs. If this value is not blank on exit, there was a problem in session tracking, and the application should take measures to display and/or work around the error.

This program uses the file utses.dat, stored in the BASIC Web Utility directory and is created automatically if not found. It has a key size of 22 and a record size of 512.