utmmoin.wbb - Convert Memo Field (textarea Tag) CGI Input to Blocked Text


CALL "utmmoin.wbb",cgitext$,blocked$,block


Business BASIC applications typically store variable length text fields in multiple records, blocked to a certain size. Often, the maintenance of these blocks is performed one line at a time within the Business BASIC application itself. This routine simplifies the conversion of free form text entry in an HTML form into a format suitable for storage using blocking techniques.




String variable that contains data from a <textarea> input tag in a HTML form. This information is sent to the server with CR-LF characters wherever the user pressed the Enter key while editing the data. cgitext$ is analyzed for paragraph boundaries, and all other line breaks are suppressed. The paragraphs are word-wrapped on block boundaries and appended to the blocked$ variable. Paragraph breaks are indicated by blank line in blocked$.


Text string that returns a version of the text passed in cgitext$, blocked based on the block size specified in block.


Block size to use when constructing blocked$.