Sample Programs Overview

The sample programs provided with the BASIC Web Utility can be used as learning guides as well as the basis for practical CGI programs.

A UNIX shell script to start a specific Business BASIC program, "demobbw.bbx," establishes the BASIC Web Utility CGI environment. It then locates the CGI value of "pgm" to determine which sample program to run. If no pgm value is specified, a menu is presented.

The Customer Inquiry application uses the programs democlst.bbx and demoilst.bbx. These in turn use the HTML document template files democlst.txt and demoilst.txt.

The Customer Maintenance application uses the programs democent.bbx and democupd.bbx. The democent.bbx links to the customer list program presented in the Customer Inquiry application. These programs do not use HTML templates.

Source code and comments for each of the sample applications are presented on the following pages.