rswatch.wbb, - Watch a RS-232 Serial Port on a Target System (UNIX only)

Syntax -d tty-device -s "stty parameters" -v


This program communicates with requests for records issued by CALLs to "rsread.wbb" and "rsreadm.wbb". Each rswatch task communicates through one serial port and uses one Business BASIC user slot. This program may be run in background and started by UNIX at boot time by placing a startup script in the "/etc/rc" directory structure.

The tty device must be a disabled (logins are not allowed) tty device connected to the Web server system. If it does not start with "/dev/", this prefix is automatically added.



-d - tty-device

Device name.

-s – sty parameters

Used to set the baud rate and other communication parameters needed to match the parameters on the Web server serial ports, as specified in the "rsttys.txt" file in the BASIC Web Utility directory. stty parameters must be enclosed in quotes if any white space is included.


Causes logging to take place for each transaction and error processed. This can be redirected to a log file running in background.

The "raw" device mode for the stty command must be included. The default setting if no "-s" option is specified is "9600 raw cs8 ixon ixoff -ixany".

Note: The script requires editing to correctly start BBx. Modify the values of lines beginning with "bbexec=", "bbcnf=", and "bbweb=" accordingly.