rsreadm.wbb - Read a Record Range by way of an RS-232 Serial Connection (UNIX only)


CALL "rsreadm.wbb",filename$,key1$,key2$,knum,ky$[all],rec$[all],count,errmsg$


This program communicates with a running "rswatch.wbb" task on another system and scans the file for an available port to issue a request on. Each serial port has a corresponding "rswatch" task running on the target system. A library of available serial ports is maintained in the text file "rsttys.txt".

By using a dedicated serial connection between a live Business BASIC system and a Web server system connected to the Internet, it is possible to avoid potential security issues of having a TCP/IP connection to the live system. While a dedicated serial connection is slower and doesn't support concurrency, it is secure.




Name of the file on the target system to access. It can be a full pathname or any name accessible to the task running rswatch.wbb on the target system.

key1$ and key2$

Key range to read and return. All records from key1$+$00$ through key2$+$FF$ are included, so "001" for both would successfully return key values from "001001" through "001ZZZ".


Secondary key chain to use if the target file is a multi-keyed file.

ky$[all] and rec$[all]

Arrays that store returned keys and associated records. Values are stored in ky$[1..count] and rec$[1..count]. If count is 0, the arrays may not be defined.


Number of records returned in the ky$[] and rec$[] arrays, or 0 if no records were found.


Error message to return if an error occurs.