File Uploading Support

Newer browsers such as Netscape 3 support a new form posting protocol that allows data files to be uploaded to a Web server. For the browser to send the form using a protocol that supports file uploads, the <form> tag must have the option "enctype=multipart/form-data" added. When the form is submitted, it is formatted differently. In BASIC Web Utility 1.1, utcgi.wbb detects this type of form post and loads the cgi$ template accordingly. The only difference is that file fields are loaded with a file name, indicating the location of the uploaded file on the server. The name used is a unique generated name that retains the original extension uploaded by the user. The original filename is stored in the stbl $filename-x, where x is the name of the field on the HTML form. The files are stored in the system temp directory, or in a directory named in the stbl $tempdir.

See the utcgi.wbb reference section for additional information.