BASIC Web Utility Contents

The BASIC Web Utility Toolkit consists of a number of Business BASIC programs and operating system executables. Some of the programs are considered high-level programs and they CALL lower-level programs to perform a task. Some routines may CALL other high-level programs to provide a more complete encapsulation of a task. The toolkit contains:

  • UNIX shell scripts for launching Business BASIC programs as CGI scripts. Both on-demand and shared directory models are supported.

  • Visual PRO/5 version of Business BASIC Windows executables for launching either standard (console-based) CGI or WIN-CGI applications.

  • Business BASIC programs (ut*.wbb) designed to simplify Business Basic CGI programs. Most of these programs are CALLed.

  • Business BASIC programs (rs*.wbb) to perform simple data transfer over a dedicated serial line, facilitating safe data access to live data from a nearby Web server.