Configuring the BASIS ODBC Driver

The following steps describe the basic steps for using the BASIS ODBC Driver:

  1. Identify the files to be accessed.

  2. Identify the file characteristics, for example:

    • Data type

    • Physical file locations

    • Field lengths

    • Logical field names

    • Offsets

    • Logical file alias names

    • Logical field position

  3. Use DDBuilder to create a BASIS Data Dictionary. Some of the specific information listed above may need to be included in order to create a BASIS Data Dictionary.

  4. Create a BASIS data dictionary configuration file, an ASCII text file (usually called config.tpm) that describes the path to the new BASIS Data Dictionary.

  5. Use the 32-bit ODBC Administrator to define the BASIS ODBC Driver Data Sources that use the configuration file for the data dictionary.

  6. Access the data using an ODBC-compliant application.