Payroll  - Operations Overview

The Operations section contains descriptions of the Payroll tasks. A sample of each screen is shown, the function of each task is explained, and the fields within each task are described. Examples of the reports and registers generated by these tasks are provided in Appendix A. This section can be referenced when using any of the Payroll tasks.


The tasks described in this section are organized according to how they appear on the menu in a standard installation of the software. Because the AddonSoftware menu module permits customization of the menus, the appearance and function of your module may differ slightly from the descriptions in this manual. For complete instructions on how to use menus within the AddonSoftware module, refer to the AddonSoftware Administrator manual.


About the Payroll Tasks

Tasks within the Payroll module are grouped into areas of operation. When you access the Payroll Main Menu, notice it appears there are only four tasks. However, these tasks are actually menus that contain numerous tasks within them.


The Payroll Daily Processing Menu contains tasks to assist you with the day-to-day entries that must be made for payroll. Period definition, payroll entry, calculations, deductions, contributions, etc., are all found on this menu. The Payroll Daily Entry Menu contains two tasks used for input and to report daily earnings. The Payroll Periodic Processing Menu contains tasks to assist you with weekly, monthly, or yearly processing, and also provides history reports for payroll, earnings, and union dues. The Payroll Maintenance Menu contains tasks to aid in maintaining employee information, contribution codes, tax codes, pay rates, etc.

Payroll Menu



The Payroll Menu provides access to all the tasks of the Payroll module, including the Daily Processing, Daily Entry, Periodic Processing, and Payroll Maintenance Menus.


=> To access this menu...

Select Payroll from the AddonSoftware main menu.


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