Payroll - Labor Distribution History


This task is accessed from the Display additional options button on the Employee maintenance form.



This option is used to display the labor distribution history that is reported on the Payroll Distribution History Report.

Labor Distribution History


About the Fields

  • Click to select from a list of all existing employee distribution records.

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, to view the previous record, to view the next record, and to view the last record.

If designated as an Administrator, you may edit the Historical Data by selecting the Display additional options... button and selecting

Edit Labor Distribution History


The Month-To-Date and Next Month Fields are only relevant to the current Payroll Year. Non-current year fields are disabled.

If Adding a record, then the following additional fields will also be editable

In the Calendar Year field...

  • Enter the Calendar Tax Year that this record applies to.

In the Department Code field...

  • Enter a 2-character department code

  • Click to select from a list of valid codes.

In the Title Code field...

  • Enter a 2-character title code.

  • Click to select from a list of valid codes.

In the Pay Code field...

  • Enter a 2-character pay (Earnings) code

  • Click to select from a list of valid codes.

As an Administrator, when finished entering Labor Distribution History Information...

  • Click to save the record.

  • Click to clear the form and begin again.

  • Click to delete the record selected.

If the Window is closed without saving the record, the module issues this confirmation prompt:

  • Click [Yes] to save the changes.

  • Click [No] to return to Employee Masterfile Maintenance without saving the record.

  • Click [Cancel] to return to the Labor Distribution History Record you are Editing.


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