Payroll - Employee Cross Reference Report


The Employee Cross Reference Report is sorted by numeric sequence and by the alternate sequence (usually the employee last name) defined for each employee in the Alt  Seq field of the Employee Masterfile Maintenance task. Both the numeric and alternate sequence columns of the report are cross referenced to the opposite columns. The report may be printed for active employees, terminated employees, or for both.


=> To access this task...

Select Employee Cross Reference Report from the Reports menu.

Employee Cross Reference Report


About the Fields


From the Option dropdown...

  • Select All (A)  to print information for selected employees.

  • Select Active (L)  to print information for selected employees that are neither Terminated or Inactive.

  • Select Inactive (I)  to print information for selected employees where the Inactive check box is marked.

  • Select Terminated (T)  to print information for selected employees that are marked as Terminated.

When done making selections...

  • Click to process the report.

Sample Employee Cross Reference Report


See Output Options


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