Payroll - Earnings Entry Report


This task prints for verification all earnings that were entered through the Payroll Entry task or generated through the Automatic Processing option of the Payroll Period Definition task.


=> To access this task...

Select Payroll Earnings Entry Report from the Daily Processing menu.

Payroll Earnings Entry Report



If Batching has been enabled then you will be presented with the Process Batch Control Screen, to select an existing batch. Batching allows several people to work within the payroll system at the same time on a different set of processes. The Batch number assigned carries through the Daily Processing Menu Choices.

NOTE: The Payroll Earnings Entry Report is used to ensure that earnings information from employee time cards was entered correctly. This report must be printed and checked for accuracy before employee checks are printed. It should also be noted that the breakout for the department totals is listed separately for each employee. The “Dept. Totals” amount represents the department total based on the employee's home department. For example, an employee whose employee number is 04-6000 works in departments 01 for 60 hours and 02 for 20 hours. Their total hours worked are listed under Dept Totals for Department 01 because their Home Department in their employee master record is set to department 01.

  • Click to generate the Payroll Earnings Entry Report.

Note: Exceptions will be noted both on the report and on the screen.

Sample Earnings Entry Report


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