94X Form Printing



This task prints multiple 94X Tax forms based upon Selection.

Refer to Appendix A, for Sample Copies of:

=> To access this task...

Select Employer Returns Processing from the Periodic Processing menu, then select 94X Form Printing.

94X Form Printing

About the Fields

From the Tax Form dropdown...

  • Select 940 - FUTA for the Annual Federal Unemployment Form

  • Select 941 - For the Standard Quarterly Employer Form.

  • Select 943 - For the Annual Agricultural Employer Form.

  • Select 944 - For the Annual or Non-Profit Employer Form.

In the Year field...

  • Enter the Calendar Tax Year that you are processing the data for.

From the Quarter dropdown...

This Field will only be enabled if the particular Form is a Quarterly Reporting Type.

  • Select the Calendar Quarter for Reporting.

From the Payroll Depositor Type dropdown...

This Field will only be enabled if the particular Form has varying requirements for Deposits.

  • Select the Applicable Method that you are subject to.


In the Upper Grid...

These are Form Options that were designated as "Prompt User" and will be listed allowing you to enter amounts for those boxes.

In the Lower Grid...

Depending upon the type of Depositor Selected, and the Specifics of the form, you will be prompted for those details.

When done making selections...

  • Click the to process the requested action.  

When the process is complete, you are returned to the Payroll Employer Returns Processing Menu.

If you receive this message, please contact your AddonSoftware Dealer for the necessary Updates. The 94X Printing Program varies from Tax year to Tax Year, as such a specific program is used for a specific tax year.  




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