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The 94X Form Printing task allows for the creation of a variety of 94x tax forms along with each form's reporting requirements and depositor type. This form is primarily to furnish Data that must be entered upon the State of California web site when reporting the Quarterly Wages.  Paper

records are no longer allowed. It also produces the required "csv" file that is uploaded during that reporting process.


The entry boxes are Tax Year, Quarter Begin Reported, and the corresponding Tax and Contribution Codes that are queried for the

necessary numeric data. The number of employee's being reporter per Month is based upon the unique Employee's issued Payroll Checks based upon said Check Date.


For more information the user is instructed to go to

=> To access this task...

Select Employer Returns Processing from the Periodic Processing menu, then select 94X Form Printing

94X Form Printing


About the Fields

To Enable Edits to the form select .

From the Tax Form dropdown...

  • Default - Select 941 - Standard.

  • Select 940 - FUTA Federal Unemployment.

  • Select 943 - Agricultural.

  • Select 944 - Annual Non-Profit.

In the Tax Year field...

  • Default - current tax year

  • Enter the tax year for the form.

From the Quarter dropdown...

If the particular Form Designated has Quarterly Reporting Requirements, then you must Select the Quarter you are reporting.

  • Select 1 - 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar)

  • Select 2 - 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun)

  • Select 3 - 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep)

  • Select 4 - 4th Quarter Oct-Dec)

From the Payroll Depositor Type dropdown...

If the particular Form Designated has different types of deposit requirements, then this selection determines additional information you

will need to provide.

  • Select Once. Monthly, or Semi-Weekly

In the upper Box ID, Description and Value/Amount fields...

The upper section of Box ID's and Value/Amount Entries represent the optional data that must be provided for the selected form. Note that the items to be input vary by Form Type and by the Year of the Form.

  • Enter the dollar values for each Box ID type.

In the lower Box ID, Description and Value/Amount field...

The lower section offers Value/Amount rows, to fit the associated schedules that are filed with the given form. Typically the Monthly Deposit choice will only ask for the liability of the three months. Note this is not necessarily the actual amount deposited for that given month. This is why it is not auto filled in. Likewise the Semi-Weekly Deposit choice will ask for the Liability in a manner that coincides with the reporting requirements of the specific


  • Enter the dollar values for each Box ID type.

Note: This process may change during 2018 if the Federal Government publishes their new E-Filing Upload Procedures


When done making selections...

  • Click the to process the requested action.  



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