What's New



19 Apr 2021

AddonSoftware 21.0


Solution-Wide -

  • A new option is available in the Customers, Credit Maintenance, and Order/Invoice Entry forms that allow users to refresh the customer's aged balances on demand. The option is enabled or disabled via a new "On-demand Aging?" parameter.

  • The Default Age By parameter supplies the default aging basis (I=Invoice Date, D=Due Date) for the Aging Report, Age Transactions, and Statements tasks as well as for back-end aging updates when no aging basis has yet been established for a given customer

  • Added Barista's "Saved Selection Option" feature to the Addon Upgrade Wizard form to save and quickly restore grid entries when restarting

  • Git-based Installations and Upgrades:

    • Version-controlled using Git

    • Creates recommended version-neutral file structure

    • Facilitates customizations directly in Addon, rather than a separate "mods" project

    • Upgrade uses Barista's "Saved Selection Options" feature to save and quickly restore grid entries on restart/resume

    • Packager/Extractor utilities simplify moving a Barista/Addon instance between production and test servers

    • Automatically incorporates "mods" project from prior version into Addon file structure

  • Address and city fields have been expanded to 30 characters

  • Email address, subject, and message fields in Report Control expanded

Accounting -

  • Added aging criterion information to the Credit Maintenance form and to the Totals tab on the Order/Invoice Entry forms

  • Modified AR Aging Report to require 30-day fixed periods, and always age credits and future invoices when selecting "Update Customer Aging Summary"

  • Added a new column to the AP Payment Selection Report to flag ACH vendors, and show total ACH and total check payments in final totals

  • Added Barista's "Saved Selection Option" feature to the Payment Selection Entry form

  • A new option is available in the Customers, Credit Maintenance, and Order/Invoice Entry forms that allow users to refresh the customer's aged balances on demand. The option is enabled or disabled via a new "On-demand Aging?" parameter.

  • The Default Age By parameter supplies the default aging basis (I=Invoice Date, D=Due Date) for the Aging Report, Age Transactions, and Statements tasks as well as for back-end aging updates when no aging basis has yet been established for a given customer

  • The Customer form's Aging/Sales Summary tab has a new drill down on the Last Payment Date to quickly see how the payment was applied

  • Report Control Recipients form can be accessed directly from Vendor Maintenance

  • Report Control Recipients form can be accessed directly from the Customer Maintenance

  • Bank Account field in the Bank Accounts and Vendors tables has been encrypted, and new VIEWs created to show account last 4 if accessing data externally (i.e., via SQL from outside of Addon)

  • Description for Chart of Accounts breaks expanded to 50 characters

Distribution -

  • Added Sequence ListButton to Invoice Printing form so that invoice can be printed in Customer ID sequence or Invoice Number sequence

  • Interface with Avalara's AvaTax sales tax service:

    • Send Orders to AvaTax for estimated tax

    • Send Invoices to AvaTax for final tax calculation

    • Commit/finalize transactions during Sales Register/Update

    • Automatically updates new Customer Sales Tax Exemptions table

    • Associate items with AvaTax tax service codes via Item Master, Product Type, Item Type, and/or Item Class

    • Committed transaction history and complete JSON response available for research, reporting, or auditing

    • Supports using AvaTax sales tax service together with traditional Addon sales tax codes

  • New hand-held application for Physical Inventory Counting to use instead of, or in conjunction with, traditional count sheets

  • Added Sequence ListButton to Invoice Printing form so that invoice can be printed in Customer ID sequence or Invoice Number sequence

  • Expanded Item Class to 6 characters

  • Expanded Customer Pricing Code to 6 characters

  • Expanded Unit of Measure to 6 characters and added validation to a new Unit of Measure table




4 Apr 2020

AddonSoftware 20.0


Solution-Wide -

  • New utilities facilitate copying an AddonSoftware installation from one location (or server) to another location (or server), as is often required for upgrades

  • Enhanced AddonSoftware's Install Wizard to optionally create the recommended version-neutral directory structure for the new installation, rather than having to copy files/directories and alter the .syn file manually

  • In Expresso, added a drilldown to the Invoice Number column of the Customer Historical Sales Invoices query that launches the Invoice History Inquiry form

  • New Historical Invoices query, accessible from either the Vendor form or Expresso, shows paid invoices, with a drilldown on the invoice balance to see payment transaction detail

Accounting -

  • Credit Card Processing - Customers can register and pay invoices directly online through a new BUI Customer Payment Portal that links to Authorize.net or PayFlow Pro hosted payment pages. Gateway responses are stored in history files, and a Cash Receipt is automatically generated for approved transactions.

Distribution -

  • Uses signatures from new Purchasing Agent Code to sign electronically processed Purchase Orders



30 Apr 2019

AddonSoftware 19.0


Solution-Wide -

  • Enhanced the  Install Wizard to create a new installation with either no data or with default parameters and codes

  • Enhanced the Setup New Firm utility to create a new firm with either no data or with default parameters and codes

  • Enhanced queries in Expresso to add hyperlinked ".." column so users can launch Barista's comment dialog window when querying a table that contains a memo_1024 comment field

  • Allows for large reports to be virtualized (cached to disk) to reduce memory allocation when filling a report with data

  • Enhanced the Copy Data From Firm To Firm utility to allow excluding transaction files

Accounting Bundle -

  • AP Payment Selection - The user interface for Payment Selection Entry has been enhanced for more intuitive operation in both "standard" and "Payment Authorization" modes. Other enhancements include a new invoice number filter, the ability to undo an invoice review or approval, a file chooser and image display for the check approver's signature file, and the option to save scanned invoices to the Barista Document Archive.

  • AR Credit Card Processing - Receivables processing receives improved efficiencies too with an integrated credit card feature. Accept credit card payments directly into cash receipts processing without relying on and paying for 3rd party utilities.

  • Added "Discount Date (S)" option to the "Age By" list button for the AP Cash Requirements Report and the AP Aging Report

  • Added a company fax number to AP and AR Report Parameters. Company's fax number is printed next to the logo on customer Statements and AR Simple Invoices.

  • Added an option the Monthly Check Report and the Disbursement Journal to allow printing the reports without breaking on AP Type

  • Streamlined the payables processing with the option to pay your vendors electronically. This new feature adds new payables efficiencies while maintaining security and reporting needed in today’s business environment.

  • Added country ID to vendors' purchasing address table as well as AP checks

  • Added company fax number to AP and AR Report Parameters. Company's fax number printed next to the logo on customer Statements and AR Simple Invoices.

  • Added the option to the Monthly Check Report and the Disbursement Journal to allow printing the reports without breaking on AP Type

  • Enhanced the 1099 export to allow the user choose the output directory, and added the current 1099 year to the filename

Distribution Bundle -

  • Shipping Processing - A new interface to shipment tracking software enables your team to know the location and status of outbound packages. Tracking numbers, weight, and freight costs are automatically maintained with 3rd party interfaces or can be manually entered as a part of Order Entry to assure that accurate information is available when the question of ‘Where is my shipment?” is asked.

  • Duplicate historical receipt in Purchase Order Entry - Users can now create a new Purchase Order from within Purchase Order Entry by duplicating a historical receipt

  • Inventory - Custom user-defined masks are now allowed for inventory Item IDs, the same as for Customer IDs and Vendor IDs

  • The company's fax number printed next to the logo on OP Picking Lists, Invoices, and Historical Invoices, and on PO Purchase Orders and Requisitions

  • Added vendor's country ID and purchasing address country ID to Purchase Orders and Requisitions, as well as PO Receipt and Invoice Entry

  • The Cash Sale form now contains a "card last 4" field for use in credit card sales, and no longer permits entry of a full credit card number. The Sales Register and OP Invoice print only the new card last 4 field. In addition, the v19 Conversion Utility now scrubs any credit card numbers coming from a V6 or pre-v19 Barista/Addon database, preserving only the last 4 digits.



17 Apr 2018

AddonSoftware 18.0


Solution-Wide -

  • Implemented previous "hooks" in Addon Company and Report Control files so logos for documents such as Invoices, Statements, and Purchase Orders can now use a document-specific logo, a firm-specific logo, or the default logo specified in the config file

  • Added Import Recipients additional option to the Report Control Recipients form to facilitate a bulk import of customers and/or vendors

  • Expanded Comments Field - Comments field and editor allows the entry of up to 1024-characters and accepts line feeds and tab character formatting - functionality added to SF Work Order Entry - Materials Requirements and Operations Requirements grids., GL Journal Entry grid...

Accounting Bundle -

  • Implemented previous structural changes to allow 1024-character comments in the AP Invoice Header, Vendor Master, Cash Receipts Header/Detail/GL Distribution, Simple Invoice Header, Customer Master, and GL Account Master. In some cases the new comment replaces legacy 80-character comment lines, and in others new comment fields have been adde

  • Added historical inquiry forms for AP Invoices, Cash Receipts, and Simple Invoices

  • New Salesperson Call List report generates a list of customers with overdue balances to use as a guide for salesperson calls

  • Bank Reconciliation allows a Current Statement Date in a locked period, as long as the date is in the prior, current, or next fiscal year

  • Bank Reconciliation Check Detail and Other Transaction grids allow multiple selections, and include a context menu to quickly change the Code on the selected rows

  • The AR Aging Analysis Report and the Customer Name & Address Listing can now be generated in a format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet

  • The number of prior years listed in the GL Account Summary Activity grid and the GL Budget Maintenance gird is now configurable, rather than being limited to 5 years

Distribution Bundle -

  • Added a new option to Order Entry to automatically generate a Work Order for an item that has a BOM and the quantity currently available is less than the order ship quantity

  • Implemented previous structural changes to allow 1024-character comments in the Order/Invoice Header and Detail (detail comments print on Pick Lists and Invoices), OP Standard Messages, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Receipt, Purchase Order Invoice Detail (detail comments print on Purchase Orders), and PO Standard Messages. In some cases the new comment replaces legacy 80-character comment lines, and in others new comment fields have been added.

  • Added historical inquiry form for Purchase Receipts

  • Enhanced Invoice History Inquiry to allow view/edit of header-level comments, and view of detail comments

  • Added default Beginning and Ending Dates to the Sales Tax Report

  • Reformatted the Monthly Sales Report into columnar output consistent with the Export Format option available on several other reports

  • Purchase Order Invoice Entry defaults the receiver to the first un-billed receiver for the entered PO

  • Added Credit Maintenance form as an additional option from the Customer Master form

  • Allow selling selected items in Order Processing by either their normal Unit of Sale, or by their normal Unit of Purchase

  • The OP Shipping Schedule Report, the OP Order Status Report By Customer, and the OP Open Order Detail Report can now be generated in a format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet

  • Order/Invoice Entry no longer prevents shipping more than the ordered quantity. A message is displayed showing the overship percentage, and allows the user to confirm or cancel.

Manufacturing Bundle -

  • Added "Date Effective After" and "Date Obsolete Before" filters to the Bill of Materials Operations Where Used report



26 Apr 2017

AddonSoftware 17.0


Accounting Bundle -

  • A new "inactive" field has been added to the Customer, Vendor, and GL Account master tables. The associated queries have a new right-click option to show all or only active records. Related reports include an option to suppress showing inactive records. Attempting to use an inactive customer, vendor, or GL Account results in a warning, and may be prevented in some instances if appropriate. Marking a particular record as inactive does not alter data already in the system.

  • GL Account Summary information is now retained for all fiscal years instead of for just the current, prior and next fiscal years

  • Each fiscal year now has it's own separate fiscal calendar rather than sharing a single fiscal calendar for all fiscal years. This better accommodate companies with fiscal calendars that vary from year to year.

  • Added password override to GL Update Beginning Balances task that allows updating current year beginning balance even though the prior year is closed

  • The GL Journal Update now writes to the Bank Rec Other table when Bank Rec is installed and the update processes an entry that matches one of the listed Bank Accounts, doing away with the need to enter these transactions twice.

  • The Accounts Payable check format (Check/Stub/Stub, Stub/Check/Stub, etc.) is now stored in the parameters and appears as the default on the Check Print form

  • Accounts Payable Export 1099 Data to Text has been updated for 2016 export to Account Ability

  • The GL Transaction History report has a new filter to report only the postings for a specific audit number

Distribution Bundle -

  • A new "inactive" field has been added to the Inventory Item master table. The associated query has a new right-click option to show all or only active items. Related reports include an option to suppress reporting inactive items. Attempting to use an inactive item results in a warning, and may be prevented in some instances if appropriate. Marking an item as inactive does not alter data already in the system.

  • Enhanced Sales Analysis forms carry embedded bar charts to provide a visual representation of the sales, cost, and units

  • Custom Inventory Item lookup has been enhanced to include a small image of the item selected in the lookup grid

  • Combined credit status and credit hold/release messages into a single message for OP Order Entry and Invoice Entry

Manufacturing Bundle -

  • Bills are tied to Items so if an Item is marked inactive, the corresponding Bill is inactive as well

  • Load Balance Inquiry now uses an embedded bar chart widget for enhanced functionality

Digital Dashboard -

  • The GL Income Account Totals grid widget now incorporates a new BBj dashboard method to size column widths based on the contents of the column headings and the first few rows of data

  • Creation of embedded widgets is now managed by Barista so that the connection string is not exposed in Addon code

Solution-Wide -

  • The SpeedSearch functionality from legacy Addon has been brought over into Expresso, thanks to the ability inherited from Barista to launch custom queries

  • New MDI backgrounds can be displayed for each company given Barista enhancements to the Firms table

  • AddonSoftware's Jasper reports are automatically zoomed for better readability

  • Enhanced post-upgrade process to automatically export definitions for Full Text Indexes

License Agreement Form -

  • New AddonSoftware license agreement form is presented when launching the solution giving the end user (not just the VAR/installer) a chance to read and accept the agreement. The form will continue to appear until the user clicks the Accept option.

  • Enhanced AddonSoftware’s license agreement form to have OK/Cancel buttons for more intuitive operation



02 May 2016

AddonSoftware 16.0


CRM Integration -

  • AddonSoftware now integrates with GoldMine® CRM to:
    ○ Load AddonSoftware data into the GoldMine database
    ○ Import GoldMine data into AddonSoftware's database
    ○ View selected AddonSoftware forms and queries from within GoldMine's GM+Views
    ○ Launch GoldMine directly from within AddonSoftware

Accounting Bundle -

  • Increases the maximum number of GL Distributions allowed per invoice in AP Invoice Entry from 99 to 999

  • Enhanced the Bank Reconciliation interface from Cash Receipts and Invoice Entry to be more flexible in recording deposits, making it easier to reconcile to bank statements. New Deposit form attached to Cash Receipts gives the user control over which receipts will constitute a deposit. Deposits are automatically created by date and cash receipts code for Invoice Entry cash sales. Registers show Deposit ID's, and Cash Receipts register includes a recap by Deposit.

  • Updated AP 1099 Export
    ○ Ensures compliance of 1099 Export Data to Text with Account Ability 2015

  • AR Drilldown Sale Report
    ○ Launches each hyperlinked report in a separate tab in the Jasper viewer

  • AR Customer Maintenance Defaults
    ○ Adds several new customer defaults to facilitate efficiently setting up new customers

  • AR Customer Master
    ○ Adds new buttons on the Customer Master to quickly launch queries for Quotations, Orders, and Invoices

Distribution Bundle -

  • Converted the following forms from BBjForm-based documents to Jasper reports and interfaced those marked with an asterisk (*) with Report Control. These change provides more modern and more professional looking documents that are easier to edit and/or customize:
    ○ Purchase Order
    ○ Pick List
    ○ Quotation
    ○ Purchase Requisition

  • Inventory Control
    ○ Adds new button on the Inventory Item Master that provides quick access to a query showing item availability across all warehouses


Manufacturing Bundle -

  • Converted the Shop Floor Pick List form from a BBjForm-based document to a Jasper report. Provides a more modern and more professional looking document that is easier to edit and/or customize

Utilities -

  • Copy Firm Record” and “Clear Firm from System” utilities
    Boosts performance by adding a checkbox to control if/when the record counts for the specified firm should be calculated. Also added logging

  • The Addon Install and Upgrade Wizard (AIUW) automatically suggests an alternate version-specific data location for the upgraded files to avoid accidentally doing an 'in-place' update and to facilitate testing

13 April 2015

AddonSoftware 15.0


General -
● Adds Auto­Conversion Utility that uses a config file to record the conversion steps necessary when moving from one version to another, runs automatically when launching AddonSoftware after an upgrade, ensuring the proper post­-upgrade conversions are accomplished before running the application

● Report Control enhancements ­­

○ New fields in the Report Control Documents table allow users to associate different Email Accounts with documents rather than being limited to one sending account

○ Default From and Reply­ to, Subject and Message fields streamline setting up individual recipient records

○ Data consolidation of separate Vendor and Customer Report control tables into single Report Control Recipients table; new "Other" type recipient that leverages the new "+AUTO_SEND" global to allow automated email/fax of stand alone DocOut and Jasper documents; new report control object created to streamline email/fax automation in other reports

● Adds icons to Addon's tabbed forms for an updated look

● Dashboard enhancements:

○ In addition to the appearance of more drilldowns sprinkled throughout the product, see the new drilldown capability to the GL Income Comparison widget. Click on a period revenue column, and the chart changes to show the revenue for that period by account. Then click on an account column to drill further and see a grid showing the transactions for the account for the period.

○ New top ­level menu gives users fast access to dashboards

○ Added drilldowns and enhanced various Sales Analysis widgets. Added new widget with drilldown on the Accounting tab to show Company level aging

○ Adds support for local currency in various countries by way of a new currency method for applicable widgets

○ Adds drilldown capability to the GL Income Comparison widget. Click on a period revenue column, and the chart changes to show the revenue for that period by account. Then click on an account column to drill further and see a grid showing the transactions for the account for the period.

○ Optimized SPROCs improve load/display times for Sales Analysis data

○ Adds month and Year filters to the AR Drilldown Sales Report widget

○ Create Sales Analysis totals tables and optimized SPROCs to improve load/display times for Sales Analysis widgets. Month and Year filters have been added to the AR Drilldown Sales Report widget.

○ New Manufacturing tab with grid widget shows Work Orders linked to Sales Orders; includes filters for both Work Order status and Sales Order Status  

● File open and error routines incorporate new BBj methods to report the user and host associated with a file or record lock

● Passes all new QF­Test suites

● All forms and reports are now launchable in BUI


Accounting Bundle -

● AR Invoice header file now contains a balance field so tasks no longer need to read through all of the invoice detail in order to separate zero balance from unpaid invoices

● Enhanced AR Simple Invoice and Statements

○ Generates a Print copy for those invoices or statements that need printing, in addition to the Master copy

○ Forwards documents to email/fax queue only upon approval

● Enhanced on­ demand Customer Statement

○ Enables the 'Send via Report Control' checkbox only if email or fax transmission is specified

○ Prompts for approval before forwarding the statement to the document queue upon closing the statement viewer

● Enhanced Balance Drilldown

○ Improves Balance and Sales drilldowns to include both OP and AR invoices, with hyperlinks on the invoice number to launch either OP Historical Invoice Inquiry, or Barista's Document Inquiry, filtered on the AR Invoice Number

■ New read­ only fields showing the last aging criteria for this customer have been added along with drilldowns for each aged balance field

■ New drilldowns make use of the aging criteria to show the invoices associated with each aging bucket

○ Runs a new custom query to view outstanding AR Invoices, showing the original invoice amount, transaction amount total and current balance, with down ­totals.

○ New link on invoice number launches another query into the invoice payment transactions.

● New Sales Drilldowns

○ Available on the MTD, YTD, Prior Year, and Future sales fields when Order Processing is installed

○ Shows invoice information for the selected time frame

○ Displays a new link on the invoice number that launches the OP Historical Invoice form

● Updates Accounts Payable Export 1099 Data to Text for 2014 export to Account Ability

● Embedded widget on Customer Master shows customer's aged balance, dynamically switching from a pie chart to a bar chart to show credit balances

● Increased speed of the AR Drilldown Report


Distribution Bundle -

● Order/Invoice Entry have undergone a major revision to eliminate the two ­step process of entering data into one set of files, then transferring the data to the transaction history files after the register/update.

○ All records are now written directly to the transaction history files, using new fields that carry the record status and creation/modification stamps to direct data entry, registers, updates, and queries

○ These structural file changes will enable future Real Time Processing enhancements in Sales Order Processing

● Adds new custom query in Order and Invoice Entry that allows users to query on open orders only, open orders and invoices, or all orders and invoices

● Adds product type and related index to IV Warehouse Master table to improve performance on the Stock Status Report

● Historical Invoice is now a JasperReport, giving it the same format as regular invoices, and also providing email capability

● Improved performance when creating a Duplicate or Credit Memo in Order/Invoice Entry

○ Shows data from the historical invoice header table for faster query result

○ Adds hyperlinks in the query grid to allow user to launch a secondary query or the Invoice History Inquiry form

● OP Invoicing enhancements

○ Adds ability to print a copy containing only those invoices that need to be printed

○ Launches a new form from the 'Print Now' button in Invoice Entry so the user can specify a message for the on ­demand invoice and whether to process the invoice per the report control settings

○ Adds prompt to update the print file in batch (Master) and on ­demand invoices ○ Sets print flags and adds applicable invoices to the document process queue when the user chooses to update

21 May 2014

AddonSoftware 14.0


General -

● Adds "Quick Copy" option in the AddonSoftware Installation Update Wizard (AIUW) to copy both the Barista Application Framework and AddonSoftware from bbj_home to a different parent directory

Accounting Bundle -

  • Adds parameterized Payment Authorization feature in Accounts Payable

    • Leverages structural improvements to accelerate form launch and load

    • Facilitates remote approval and check signing by owners and executives

Distribution Bundle -

  • Adds new "Export format" option to all Sales Analysis reports that formats the documents for exporting to Excel

Manufacturing Bundle -

  • Bill of Materials adds new reference numbers that mirror those in Shop Floor Operations, Materials, and Subcontracts

  • Enhanced Work Order flow

    • Enhancements to Work Order Detail and Traveler reports for efficiency, producing more compact output while maintaining readability by adding a "green bar" effect

    • Adds new Work Order Materials reference number that appears in Materials Commitments and Issues

    • Adds Operations Reference field (Op Ref)

    • Improves the ability to cross-reference operations to associated materials and subcontracts and provides an efficient means to record operations for timesheet entry with enhancements to:

      • Work Order Requirements: Operations, Materials, and Subcontracts

      • Batch and on-demand Work Order Detail reports

      • Traveler

      • Time Sheet Entry

    • Detail and Traveler reports enhancements

      • Moves the Setup column out of the totals section toward the beginning of the line for consistency and ease of reading

      • Provides VARs with test pattern printing to streamline Jasper modification in the Operations, Materials, and Subcontracts standards SPROCs

      • Adds "green bar" effect

      • Produces more compact output while maintaining readability

  • Shop Floor Materials and Subcontracts

    • Adds a new alphanumeric reference number field that gives the user more control and flexibility when correlating materials and subcontracts to drawings

    • Adds a new "auto-number" function when processing materials that lets the user specify the beginning and ending row to auto-number, the first alphanumeric number to use, and an increment, making it possible to quickly and easily auto-number (or re-number) an entire list of materials, or subsets of the list

Reporting -

  • Implements BBj's new Dashboard utility

  • Provides a starter set of real-time data widgets for visualizing Addon data

  • Includes graphical management information to business owners and executives for more timely and improved decision making

  • Includes examples of tool functionality for sales demonstrations, current and future Addon features, and VAR enhancements

  • Includes widgets that display Accounting and Sales data

  • Customization feature empowers users to select which widgets should appear

  • AddonSoftware JasperReports offers one-click saving in .pdf format, as well as an email button to launch the Barista fax/email form to allow adding Jasper-based .pdf documents to the Document Processing Queue

  • Jasper documents saved as .PDF are also recorded in the Barista document archive for retrieval from Document Inquiry

AddonHelp -

  • Adds Year End Checklists in each module

  • Adds documentation for Accounts Receivable reports; Graphic Sales Report by Salesperson, Sales Digital Dashboard, Drill Down Sales Report by Customer Type

System Administration -

  • Adds "Quick Copy" option in the AddonSoftware Installation Update Wizard (AIUW) to copy both the Barista Application Framework and AddonSoftware from bbj_home to a different parent directory

13 May 2013

AddonSoftware 13.0

  • The Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing modules have been enhanced with additional record extracts to work in conjunction with the Barista Advisory Locking settings

  • Added indices per the Enterprise Manager Query Analysis to boost performance in the AR Customer Detail Listing

  • JasperReports localized - The Jasper-based reports in Addon are now localized, using a new Session-specific Classpath (SSCP) that references the addonprop.jar file

  • Triggers are now in place to run Shop Floor in Barista and interface to a hybrid v6 Payroll

  • On-demand Customer Statement - Produce a statement directly from the Customer Master and optionally print, email, and/or fax according to the Customer Report Control settings

  • Jasper-based AR Simple Invoices and Statements - New jasper-based documents replace the BBjForm-based versions. Produces individual pdfs as well as a consolidated pdf for review or output, if desired. Fully integrated with AddonSoftware Administration => Report Control for optional automated Fax/Email

  • Jasper-based AP Checks - The new jasper-based AP Checks, which replace the BBjForm-based versions offer enhanced functionality. Now you can print three-part checks in many desirable orders (stub/stub/check, check/stub/stub). Also, vendor and accounting stubs are processed individually so that General Ledger information will print on the accounting stub only

  • Jasper-based Invoices - Both on-demand and batch-printed OP Invoices have been upgraded to use jasper-based technology

  • New period/year and MTD/YTD Activity fields allow you to change the desired period/year and instantly see the corresponding activity totals. MTD/YTD Activity fields include drilldowns to see supporting detail

  • New 'Details' button on the Summary Activity inquiry form (run from GL Account Master) runs query to show detail transactions associated with the selected (non-budget) period

  • New Comment button/form in Sales Order Entry, Invoice Entry, and Invoice History Inquiry allows adding and editing of internal comments for the current Customer Number and Sales Order Number. Facilitates intra-company communication concerning any aspect of the order without the need for emails, phone calls, or face to face interaction

  • New parameter controlled option to warn users if the Customer PO Number entered on a Sales Order or Invoice has been used before on a different order. Once notified of a duplicate, the user may continue, or view all orders and historical invoices containing that Customer PO Number

  • Addon copy, Barista Install Manager (BIM) Copy, and Auto-Sync processes have been knit together into one seamless step. Progress meter and logging added. Also creates the Session Specific Classpath (SSCP) required for localized Jasper reports, and adds it to the target line

  • The Upgrade Wizard component now also creates the Session Specific Classpath (SSCP) required for localized Jasper reports, and adds it to the target line

  • The audit number shows as a "keyword" in Document Inquiry making it easy to locate and review an archived register

  • New global +BYPASS_DEMO_NAG to steer whether to bypass the Demo Nag warning when launching, to facilitate being able to package a normal vs promo build

Shop Floor Control  module:

  • Work Order Entry

  • Header Info - Defines the Work Order type, status, and category as well as the item or activity the Work Order describes. Also, allows linking the Work Order to a customer's Sales Order

  • Material Requirements - The list of materials required for the Work Order. The list is automatically populated when the Work order is for an item defined in the Bill of Materials module. Data include quantity, scrap factor, cost as well as a multiplier and divisor for refining unit definition

  • Operation Requirements - Defines the Operations necessary to produce an item--including hours and costs related to queue, setup, move, and production

  • Schedule Work Order - Scheduling options include Backwards from an estimated completion date, Forward from an estimated start date, and Manual methods

  • Release Work Order - Commits material necessary for the production of a work order. Optionally displays shortages. Allows for flagging a work order for Traveler printing and Pick List printing

  • Job Status - Reports status information for a work order--including Required Date, Completed Quantity, and Standard versus Actual setup and run times

  • Transaction History - Reports unit, rate quantity completed, and cost information for a date range of transactions associated with a work order--optionally filtered by transaction type (Materials, Operations, or Subcontracts). See Work Order Transaction History Report for the batch version of this report

  • Cost Summary - Displays the accumulated costs of transactions against a work order, broken down by operation code, material issued, and subcontracts. Totals, variance amounts, and variance percentages are shown

  • Comments Maintenance - Allows addition of comments for a work order. Useful for storing engineering notes, special handling instructions, etc

  • Subcontract Requirements - Defines subcontract information including rate, units, costs, and optionally, Purchase Order

  • Copy Work Order - Saves time by allowing a new non-stock work order to be created from an existing one

  • Work Order Detail Report - Provides a detailed report of information about the work order

  • Lot/Serial Maintenance - Allows you to assign serial/lot numbers before closing a work order, including ability to auto-assign numbers

  • Traveler Printing - Provides a complete list of required materials, labor steps, subcontract requirements, and special comments

  • Materials Commitment Entry - Allows commitment of material that differs from the Work Order, e.g. item substitutions or built vs. scheduled quantities

  • Pick List Printing - Used by warehouse personnel to collect and record material being removed from stock and issued to a work order, and as source documents for Work Order Issues

  • Dispatch Inquiry - Displays information about a selected Operation to assist in work flow scheduling decisions. The data can be sorted by the various columns, and can be filtered by date range, priority, and Work Order status

  • Load Balance Inquiry - An interactive graphical tool that shows the impact that open work orders will have on the work schedule

  • Create Purchase Requisitions - Generates non-stock Purchase Requisition lines for unattached subcontract requirements within a selected range of Work Orders

  • Materials Issues Entry - Allows entry of items and quantities to be issued toward a Work Order. While generally materials issues will be generated from the materials on the pick list, you can issue any material to any open work order

  • Materials Issues Register - Reports pending materials issues

  • Materials Issues Update - Relieves Inventory of the item quantities listed on the Materials Issues Register and generates a Work Order Transaction reflecting the action

  • Time Sheet Entry - Allows the entry of labor hours that have been accumulated against an open work order and entry of the number of production items completed at that operation

  • Time Sheet Register/Update - Allows verification of time sheet data entry that has taken place since the last Time Sheet Register update. Update facilitates optional interface to version 6 Payroll using triggers

  • Cost Adjustment Entry - This task allows adjustment of open work order operation and subcontract transactions

  • Cost Adjustment Register/Update - Allows verification of work order adjustment data entry that has taken place since the last Cost Adjustment Register. The update creates credit and debit transactions against the work order

  • Work Order Close Data Entry - This task allows the closing of work orders. Work orders may either be closed complete, meaning that no additional units will be produced, or partial, meaning that a portion of the units will be completed later

  • Closed Work Order Detail Report - Provides a report for each work order being closed. Similar to the Work Order Entry Hard Copy, but also incorporates the Work Order Close Data Entry information and a summary of general ledger postings for each work order that is being closed

  • Closed Work Order Summary Register - This register prints a summary of the Work Order Close Data Entry information (including both standard and actual costs) and a summary of general ledger postings for the work orders that are being closed

  • Closed Work Order Update - Creates the General Ledger Postings. In addition, if a Sales Order was referenced in the Work Order, the Ship and Backorder quantities on the sales order will be automatically updated

  • Bottleneck Analysis Report - Use this report to determine where scheduled production will cause a bottleneck. You can base your report on whatever utilization you feel is necessary and run it for only certain operations and through a set range of dates

  • Committed Materials Report - Creates a list of material that has been committed to a work order, but not yet issued

  • Close Recurring Work Orders - Automatically selects, for partial close, recurring work orders that had activity in the current period. They will be reopened later by the Period End Update task

  • Closed Recurring WO Detail Report - Similar to the Closed Work Order Detail Report; provides a file copy of each recurring work order that is being closed.. The detailed information includes information on the close data as well as a summary of general ledger postings for each recurring work order that is queued to be closed

  • Closed Recurring WO Summary Report -  Prints a summary of the costs of the recurring work orders that will be closed by the Closed Recurring WO Update process

  • Closed Recurring WO Update - Creates the General Ledger Postings for the the recurring work orders selected for partial close

  • Closed Work Order Variance Report - Prints a report similar to the Work Order Variance Report for work orders closed in a selected period

  • Batch Reschedule Work Orders - Use this task after a change in Shop Floor Calendars or Operations Queue Times to reschedule all work orders or a range of work orders, or just work orders of a certain type or priority

  • Conversion Work Order Entry - Allows a quick entry of labor, material, and subcontracted work that is already in a work order when the Shop Floor Control module is installed

  • Conversion Work Order Register - Prints a register of the conversions created in Conversion Work Order Entry

  • Conversion Work Order Update - Incorporates the information entered during Conversion Work Order Entry into the module record, using the conversion date as the transaction date for each of the work orders. Updates the Work in Process account balances









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