Shop Floor Control - Year End

Shop Floor Control

  1. (Optional)  Print any of the reports on the Shop Floor Reports menu.

  2. For systems using the Average Costing Method, print the Work Order Header Report and compare the total balance to the General Ledger Work In Process account(s).  If not in balance, make any adjustments and repeat until in balance.

  3. Close the Recurring Work Orders for the last fiscal period using the Close Recurring Work Orders option on the Period End Processing menu.

  4. Print and update the Closed Recurring Work Order Summary Report.

  5. (Optional)  Print the Closed Work Order Variance Report on the Period End Processing menu for the last fiscal period.

  6. Back up your data files.

  7. Run the Period End Update on the Period End Processing menu, for the last fiscal period.  In addition to the standard period end functions, the current year indicator is incremented.



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