Shop Floor Control - Committed Materials Report



Creates a list of material that has been committed to a work order , though not issued. Committed balances for each item code are compared to on hand, total committed, available , and on order quantities. The report is sorted by item number within product type and warehouse code.


=>To access this menu...

      Select Committed Materials Report from the Reports menu.


Committed Materials Report


About the Fields


In the Warehouse ID field...

  • Enter a valid warehouse code.

  • Click Click to select from a list of all valid warehouse IDs.

  • Press [Tab] or [Return] to include all warehouses.

In the Product Type field...

  • Enter a valid product type.

  • Click Click to select from a list of all valid product types.

  • Press [Tab] or [Return] to include all product types

In the Beginning/Ending Date field...

  • Enter the first/last date to be entered on the report.

  • Press [Tab] or [Return] to include the first/last date on record.

  • Click Calendar button to use the tool to select the date.

When finished making entries to the fields…

  • Click Run Process button to run the report.

  • Click Save button to save the selections.

  • Click Clear Form button to clear all selections.

Sample Committed Materials Report


See Output Options.


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