Shop Floor Control - Operations Overview


The Operations section contains descriptions of the Shop Floor Control tasks. Each field is described and the operation of the tasks is explained. This section can be used as a reference when using any of the Shop Floor Control tasks.


A complete understanding of the AddonSoftware Shop Floor Control module will be easier when studying the Introduction, Installation and Flow of Processing sections in conjunction with the Operations section.


The tasks described in this section are organized according to how they appear on the menu in a standard installation of the software. Because the AddonSoftware menu system permits customization of the menus, the appearance and function of your Shop Floor Control module may differ slightly from the descriptions in this manual. For complete instructions on how to use menus within AddonSoftware, refer to the Administrator manual.


About the Shop Floor Control Tasks


Tasks within Shop Floor Control have been grouped into areas of operation. Common tasks, such as work order entries or material commitment entries, are stand-alone tasks that can be accessed directly from the main menu; tasks that work in concert with one another, such as period end processing tasks or transaction processing tasks, are accessed through a sub-menu off the main menu.


There is also a sub-menu that gives you access to the many reports necessary for the input of shop floor control information. The Shop Floor Reports Menu contains the many reports offered within the software. Reports on work order detail, transaction history, analysis, labor efficiency and such, can be accessed from this menu.


Additionally, there are some tasks that have several options available for more complete processing, such as Work Order Entry, which allows you to access operations requirements, transaction history, cost summary, etc. These processes are selected from an option menu.


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