Shop Floor Control - Materials Issues Register



This task allows verification of materials issues entries that have taken place since the last Materials Issues Register update and will serve as an audit report. The register update relieves inventory for all items entered and creates work order detail transactions for the stock that is being issued. It also creates ‘WI’ journal entries that credit the appropriate inventory accounts and debits the Work in Process .


=>To access this menu...

Select Materials Issues Register from the Transaction Processing menu.


Run Materials Issues Register dialog


  • Select [Yes] to run the register.

  • Select [No] to leave this task.

All serialized/lotted items that are inventoried must have their serial or lot numbers identified in the Materials Issues Entry task before the register will update. If the lot or serial numbers are missing from inventory items, the system issues the following prompt:



  • Select [OK] to leave this task.

Sample Materials Issues Register


After closing the Materials Issues Register report preview window, a General Ledger Summary report preview displays.


Sample Materials Issues Register - GL Summary




The update relieves inventory for items issued (including serial or lot number files), creates work order detail transactions for the stock that is being issued, and credits or debits the appropriate inventory accounts.


  • Selecting [Yes} causes the system to issue another prompt:


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