Sales Analysis - Reports Menu Overview


Sales Analysis Reports menu



Use this menu to access a number of sales analysis reports. All reports come standard with the module and have various selection options. Menus may contain additional reports, or have some reports removed, if the system was customized during installation.


=> To access this menu...

Select Reports from the Sales Analysis main menu.


About the Sales Analysis Reports Menu Tasks

Use the tasks on this menu to produce reports showing information that can help manage sales. The Sales Analysis By Salesperson report can assist in determining which salesperson is bringing in the most business, while the Sales Analysis By Product/Item/Customer Report shows how product is selling and who is doing the buying. Other reports show sales analysis by SIC, warehouse, and so forth.


The reports in the Sales Analysis module are all created and sorted in the same manner, determined by the entries made to the fields. Each report task has a Sequence field where sorting options for the report may be set in an ascending, descending, or unsorted order. When creating a 12-period report by checking the checkbox in the 12 Period Report field, there is the option of basing the report on sales or units. The total sales or units are then sorted to the level of detail selected in the Detail Level field. If the checkbox is unchecked in the 12 Period Report field, the sort is automatically based on sales of the detail level. The sort is further defined with the MTD, YTD or Prior fields, where checkboxes determine which reporting period appears first, second, and third on the report.





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