Sales Order Processing - Operations Overview


The Operations section contains descriptions of the Order/Invoice Processing tasks. A sample of each screen is shown, each field is described, and the operation of each task is explained. Use this section as a reference when using the module. Examples of the reports and registers generated by these tasks appear in each section.


For a complete understanding of the Order/Invoice Processing module, study the Introduction, Installation, and Flow of Processing sections in conjunction with the Operations section. Also, because the Order/Invoice Processing module is integrated closely with the Inventory Control and Sales Analysis modules, many of the features described here are more meaningful when used in conjunction with those modules.


The tasks in this section are organized according to their order of appearance on the menu in a standard installation of the software. Because AddonSoftware menus may be customized, the appearance and function of the Order/Invoice Processing module may vary slightly from the descriptions in the manual.


About the Order/Invoice Processing Tasks

Tasks in Order/Invoice Processing are grouped into areas of operation. Common tasks, such as order and invoice entries, are stand-alone tasks accessed directly from the main menu; tasks that work in concert with one another, such as period-end processing tasks or maintenance tasks, are accessed through a submenu off the main menu.


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