Sales Order Processing - Reports Menu Overview


Sales Order Processing Reports menu



Use this menu to access a number of sales order processing reports. All reports come standard with the module and have various selection options. Your menu may contain additional report options depending on customizations performed prior to installation.


=> To access this task...

Select Reports from the Sales Order Processing main menu.


About the Sales Order Processing Reports

Use the tasks on this menu to create reports showing information that can help you manage your ordering process.

  • Open Order Detail Report - displays open items by customer, with a recap by product code, and permits a variety of selections. Selections include a range by customer numbers and order dates, ‘order taken by’ identification code, and a salesperson code. Printed open orders, unprinted open orders, or both may be displayed. You can also choose to include open orders, open backorders, open orders on credit hold, non-stock items, quotations, or any combination of these.

  • Order Status Report by Customer - displays  the status of open orders by customer. Orders are sorted in customer number sequence, with an option to include open sales orders, quotations, backorders, orders on credit hold, or any combination. Includes the order number, order date, ship date, shipping method, discount terms, and order type.

  • Order Status Report by Item - displays the status of inventory items on order. Open orders are sorted in inventory item number sequence, with optional reporting by a specific product type. Dollar amount and quantity totals are provided by customer and order number, along with on-hand, committed and available quantity totals. Create the report to include open orders, quotations, backorders, orders on credit hold, or any combination.

  • Shipping Schedule Report - displays all items due to be shipped, aged by an operator-defined date and number of aging days. Use to manage future orders, generate final assembly lists, and keep shipments on schedule. Create it in summary or detail format for a selected warehouse and product type code and can include open orders, quotations, backorders, orders on credit hold, or any combination.

  • Customer Job Report - displays jobs for a user defined range of customer IDs. The report displays customer number and name, job number, job name, customer contact name, first ship, and lien date. This report is available only when the Sales Order Processing parameter is set to use customer job numbers.


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