Sales Order Processing - Rebuild Order / Invoice Print File



Use this utility to rebuild the order/invoice print file following a power failure or hardware malfunction. As the file is read by the system, any order or invoice flagged as not printed is rebuilt into the file. Orders and invoices may be printed as usual when the task is complete. The tasks on this menu are seldom, if ever, used. They are there for recovery after a system crash.


=> To access this task...

Select Rebuild Order / Invoice Print File from the Utilities menu.



NOTE: This utility accesses the Open Order file. All order/invoice processing must stop while this task is running. If the task is interrupted, it must be restarted from the beginning and run to completion.


When accessing this task, the system displays the prompt:


  • Enter [Yes] to rebuild the file.

  • Enter [No] to return to the Order/Invoice Processing Utilities menu.


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