Sales Order Processing - Commit and Release Future Orders



Use this task to commit inventory scheduled for shipment beyond the order entry commitment date. An item remains committed until it is invoiced and the invoice is updated, or until the applicable line item (or entire order) is deleted or uncommitted in the Order Entry and/or Invoice Entry tasks.


=> To access this task...

Select Commit and Release Future Orders from the Sales Order Processing main menu.


Commit and Release Future Orders window

Commit and Release Future Orders Menu


About the Fields

As order detail lines for special distribution or standard inventory items are entered, the Order Entry task selectively adjusts the committed quantities in the inventory master file. The decision to commit inventory is based on the item’s scheduled shipping date and the commitment date entered in the global defaults at the beginning of order entry. If the scheduled shipping date falls on or before the commitment date, the inventory items are committed and shown on the picking list for the order. Otherwise, the items remain uncommitted until selected by this task or individually committed in the Order Entry and/or Invoice Entry tasks.


The fields in this task display the last commitment date and provide entry for a scheduled commitment date.


In the Last Committed Date field...

Display only. Shows the last date that inventory was committed with this task.


In the Commit Inventory Sched Through field...

  • Enter a date for committed inventory.

  • Click Calendar button to select a date by using the calendar tool.

  • Click Clear Form to clear the form and begin again.

When finished making entries...

  • Click Run Process button to commit the inventory.

Running the process produces the following prompt:


  • Click [OK] to close the window.


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