Inventory Control - Warehouses



Use this task to define and maintain the inventory warehouse codes used within Inventory Item Maintenance, Purchase Order Processing, and Order/Invoice Processing. At least one warehouse code must be defined, even if there are not multiple warehouses. A listing of all warehouse codes is available.


=> To access this task...

Select Warehouses from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


Warehouse Code Maintenance menu

Warehouse Code Maintenance


About the Fields


In the Warehouse ID field...

  • Enter a valid warehouse code.

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, Previous Record button to view the previous record, Next Record button to view the next record, and Last Record button to view the last record.

  • Click Query button to select from a list of warehouse codes.

NOTE: At least one warehouse code must be set up. This code is then used as the default within the inventory parameters. Refer to the Default Warehouse field within Parameter Maintenance - System Parameters.


WARNING: When deleting a warehouse code, ensure that there are no inventory items, sales orders/invoices, or purchase orders that refer to the code.


In the Name field...

  • Enter a warehouse name.

In the Address fields...

  • Enter the physical address of the warehouse.

In the City field...

  • Enter the address’ city name.

In the State field...

  • Enter a 2-character state code (if applicable).

In the Zip/Postal Code field...

  • Enter a 5-digit zip code and any 4-digit extension (if applicable).

In the Telephone Number field...

  • Enter the phone number with area code for the warehouse.

When done making selections...

  • Click Save button to save the record.

  • Click Clear Form button to begin a new cycle code record.

  • Click Delete Record button to delete the record.

Closing an unsaved record will issue the prompt:

  • Select [Yes] to save the changes.

  • Select [No] to return to the form.


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