Inventory Control - Price Change Register



Use this register to verify price changes and to update the permanent file. It shows all price changes made since the last update and serves as a hard copy audit report.


=> To access this task...

Select Price Change Register from the Price Changes menu.


Price Change Register


About the Fields


In the List Price Code field...

  • Enter a 2-character price code created when entering a price change entry or price change by percentage.

  • Click Clear Form button to begin a new price change record.

  • Click Run Process button to create the Price Change Register.

Sample Price Change Register


See Output Options.


After creating and closing the Price Change Register, the following prompt appears:

Run price change update?

  • Click [Yes] to run the update.

  • Click [No] to skip running the cost update.

NOTE: If corrections are required to the new prices, you must make them before updating. Return to the Price Change Entry task and enter the appropriate new list number and item number. Make adjustments and rerun the register.


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