Inventory Control - Inventory Zero Balance Report



Use this task to create a report showing all items that are currently out-of-stock (those with a zero balance.) This report can be created to show items that went out-of-stock as of a specific date, and currently remain out-of-stock. The information can help avert potential inventory shortages or computer errors. The physical verification of the out-of-stock items that appear on this report can be used to compliment inventory cycle counting.


=> To access this task...

Select Inventory Zero Balance Report from the Reports menu.


Inventory Zero Balance Report menu

Inventory Zero Balance Report


About the Fields


In the Last Run Date field...

Display only. Shows the date that the report was last generated.


From the Which 0 Bal Items dropdown...

  • Select All Records (A) to display all items out of stock.

  • Select Only Since Last Run (R) to display all items that have gone out of stock since last run date.

  • Select Only Since Process Date (P) to display all items that have gone out of stock since process date.

  • Select Since System Date (S) to display all items that have gone out of stock since system date.

In the Report Date field...

Display only. The displayed Report Date is based on the selection made in the Which 0 Bal Items dropdown. The report will display only items that are currently out-of-stock and that went out-of-stock on or after the date entered.

Note: If this report is run less than daily, the Since date will only be accurate within the time period that you last ran the report. For instance, if you run the report weekly, you can only report on items that went out-of-stock within that week, not on a specific day.


From the Report Sequence dropdown list...

  • Select Item Code (I) to create the report in item number sequence.

  • Select Product Type (P) to display in product type sequence.

  • Select Cycle Code (C) to display in cycle/location sequence.

In the Beginning/Ending Product Type ...

  • Enter the type of the first/last product to include on the report.

  • Press [Tab] to select the first/last product type record.

  • Click Click to select from a list of product types.

Exclude Inactive Items? checkbox...

  • Mark the box (default) to exclude inactive items.

  • Unmark the box to include all items.

When done making selections...

  • Click Run Process button to create the Inventory Zero Balance Report.

  • Click Clear Form button to clear the form and re-enter options.

Inventory Zero Balance Report output

Sample Inventory Zero Balance Report


See Output Options.


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