General Ledger - Account Allocation Entry



This task allows automatic redistribution of a percentage of the balance in a general ledger account. The period used to take the balance is specified as part of the update (Refer to Account Allocation Register).


=> To access this task...

Select Account Allocation Entry from the General Ledger main menu.


Account Allocation Entry


About the Fields


In the Source Account field...

  • Enter the account number of the account that is the source of the balance.

  • Click Click to select from a list of all valid account numbers.

Line Detail Entry

Each account allocation entry detail line contains information regarding the account number and the percentage of the source balance to be distributed to the account.


When this is a new allocation, the system automatically accesses the Account field.


NOTE: One hundred percent of the source account must be designated to other accounts. To designate only 15% of a source account, enter 15% for the account to receive the fifteen percent and 85% back to the source account.


When this is an existing allocation, previously entered information is displayed and the system issues this prompt:


In the Account field...

  • Enter a valid GL account number. The description of the account will be displayed.

  • GL accounts flagged as 'Inactive' are not accessible. If an inactive account needs to be entered in a form, change it to "active" status, make the desired entry, and then set it back to "inactive" again.

  • Click Click to select from a list of all valid numbers.

In the Percentage field...

  • Enter the percentage of the balance to be allocated.

NOTE: When transferring less than 100% of the source account, include the source account as one of the destination accounts with the percentage to retain.

  • Press [Enter] to accept the line details as correct.

  • Press [Tab] key to move to the next row and enter next account details.

  • Press [Shift]+[Tab] key to move backward through the fields.

When done making selections...

  • Click Save button to save new information or update existing information.

  • Click Add New button to insert new details at the end of the listing or click Insert New button to insert above a certain row.

NOTE: Account Allocation entries created in one fiscal period do not carry over to other periods. They must be re-entered each period.


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