General Ledger - 13 Period Financial Report Printing



This report allows report selection in the same manner as the Financial Report Printing task. However, the financial information on this report represents the summary activity for the period selected and the previous 12 periods. Summary activity is retained for the prior, current, and next fiscal year. When summary activity is not available for 12 previous periods, then only the available summary activity will be printed.


=> To access this task...

Select 13 Period Financial Report Printing  from the Reports menu.

Select 13 Period Financial Report Printing  from the Custom Financials menu.


GL 13 Period Financial Report Printing menu

13 Period Report Printing


The periods are those defined in the Fiscal Calendar option of the Parameter Maintenance task. This task is also available through the Financial Report Maintenance menu.


About the Fields


In the Period field...

  • Enter an accounting period.
  • The default is the current accounting period.

In the Year field...

  • Enter the fiscal year of the period.

  • The default is the current financial year

Align Fiscal Periods checkbox...

The checkbox is disabled if the fiscal calendars are the same, i.e. the periods are already aligned.

  • Mark the box to re-align periods in a previous fiscal year to match the current fiscal year's calendar in order to facilitate comparative financial reporting.

  • Unmark the box to perform no re-alignment.

Report Selection

  • Select the reports to be run using the checkboxes. Previously defined reports are displayed by report number.

When done making selections...

  • Click Run Process button to run the report.

  • Click Save button to save the current settings.

  • Click Clear Form button  to clear the form.

Sample Period 13 Report


See Output Options.


If no report is selected and Run Process button is selected, the following warning box appears:


You must select one report before running this option


Closing the report preview produces a Balance Sheet report.


Sample 13 Period Financial Report Balance Sheet


See Output Options.



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