General Ledger - Build Account Summary from History



This task builds new GLM_ACCTSUMMARY (glm-02) Account Summary records from existing GLT_TRANSDETAIL (glt-06) Transaction History Detail records. It does not rebuild existing GLM ACCTSUMMARY (glm-02) records.


=> To access this task...

Select Build Account Summary from History from the Utilities menu.


Build Account Summary from History


About the Fields


To enable edits to the form select  .


In the Beginning Year field...

Defaults to the earliest "acceptable" year and can be changed to any "acceptable" year.

To be considered "acceptable":

  • Beginning Year must have a fiscal calendar.

  • There cannot be any existing GLM_ACCTSUMMARY (glm-02) data for the Beginning Year. Cannot use prior/current/next fiscal years.

In the Ending Year field...

Display only. Is one year before the earliest year in GLM_ACCTSUMMARY (glm-02) for the current firm that is before the prior fiscal year.


When finished making entries to the fields...

  • Click Clear Form button to clear the form and begin again.

  • Click Run Process button to build the account summary.


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