In the Address Code filed...

  • Enter the address code for the alternate purchasing address.

  • Click Record Query button

  • Click the record navigating buttons;

  • Click New/Clear Form button

  • Click Delete Record button


Click the record navigating buttons:

  • First Record button

  • Previous Record button

  • Next Record button

  • Last Record button


In the Comment field...

  • Enter a comment of 1 to 48 characters in length.

  • Select the Add new button Add new button

  • Select the Insert New button Insert new button

  • Select the Edit button Edit button

  • Click Delete button


When you finish making entries to the fields...

  • Click Save button

  • Click Clear Form button

  • Click Delete button

  • Click the "Close Window" button to the Accounts Payable Maintenance Menu.


After selecting the desired option...

  • Click Run Process button


  • Click Click

  • Click Drilldown button

  • Click Calendar button

  • Click the Print button Print button


·         Click Find field records

·         Click Display master records


Select the Options button Options button









  • Select the Edit button Edit buttonto edit the form.

  • Select the Add new button Add new buttonto add an additional requirement to the list.

  • Select the Insert new button Insert new buttonto insert a new requirement into the list.

  • Select the Delete current record Delete buttonto delete the comment record.



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