Bill of Materials - Availability Inquiry


The Availability Inquiry task is accessed from the Display additional options dropdown from the Bill of Materials Masters task in Inquiry and Maintenance



Displays and prints component quantities that are required, on hand, committed, available, or on order; based on the specified demand quantity for the selected warehouse.


Availability Inquiry


About the Fields


In the Quantity Required field...

  • Enter the number of units needed for the order/quote.

In the Production Date field...

The production date will be used in conjunction with the effective and obsolete dates to determine the availability information on that date.

  • Enter the date for production.

  • Click Calendar to select a data.

  • Press [Tab] key to accept the default date – current date.

In the Warehouse ID field...

  • Enter a valid warehouse number for material availability.

  • Click Find field records to select from a list of warehouse codes.

A list of all materials available at the warehouse is displayed, showing the material’s sequence number, a description of the material, how many required, how many on hand, how many committed, how many available, and how many on order.


NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to the component item number indicates a bill number, and two asterisks (**) between the sequence number and the warehouse code indicate a material shortage for this item.


When done making selections...

  • Click Run Process button to exit the form.

  • Click Clear Form button  to clear the form and begin again.

  • Click Save button to save the selections.


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