Accounts Receivable - Cash Receipts Register



The Cash Receipts Register prints a report of all cash receipts transactions entered through the Cash Receipts Entry task. If correct, all transactions are posted to the customer accounts, general ledger and optionally, the Bank Reconciliation system (in the General Ledger module).


=> To access this task...

Select Cash Receipts Register from the Accounts Receivable main menu.


Cash Receipts Register


About the Fields


From the Report Sequence dropdown...

  • Select By Receipt Code (C) to create the register by cash receipt code.

  • Select By Receipt Date (D) to create the register by receipt date.

  • Select By Deposit Number (N) to create the register by deposit number.

Include Comments checkbox...

  • Mark the box to include comments on the register.

  • Unmark the box to create the register without comments.

When done making selections...

  • Click Run Process button when the information is correct and proceed with the printing.

  • Click Clear Form button to clear the form and begin again.

Save changes for this record?

Save Changes


  • Click [Yes] to save the current record and proceed with printing of Cash Receipts Register by corresponding report sequence.

  • Click [No] to return to the report sequence field in cash receipts register form without printing.

Sample Cash Receipts Register Report


See Output Options.



When using Bank Reconciliation-

  • The register will include a column at the far right showing the Deposit numbers, as well as a Deposit recap at the end.

  • The update cannot be performed if any Deposit Amt is unequal to the total of associated Payments. Make necessary corrections then re-run the register.


If General Ledger is installed and the GL Posting Parameter is checked, a second Document Output Display window displays. This GL recap lists general ledger postings, in account number order, created during the Cash Receipts Register. If the GL Recap report detects any other errors, an error message appears.


Sample Cash Receipts Register - GL Summary


See Output Options.



For each customer on the register, the amounts entered in the Cash Receipts Entry task are posted to their open invoices or on-account. The general ledger is posted as follows:

  1. The cash account is determined by the cash receipts code.

  2. The accounts receivable account is determined by the distribution code associated with the invoice when it was entered, not the current distribution code associated with the customer.

  3. The terms discount account is determined by the cash receipts code associated with each cash receipt transaction.

  4. In the case of cash posted on-account, the default distribution code associated with the customer determines the accounts receivable account.

  5. Miscellaneous general ledger transactions are posted to the accounts entered through the Cash Receipts Entry GL Distribution display.

  6. Transactions are written to the Cash Receipts History files.

When the Accounts Payable's Bank Reconciliation and the Accounts Receivable module is interfaced to it, (Refer to Accounts Receivable Parameter Maintenance), a record of the cash received is posted to it. The month-to-date and/or next month cash receipt totals that appear at the bottom of the Cash Receipts Register are also updated at this time.


  • Click [Yes] to run the register update.

  • Click [No] to exist the task without updating the register.

  • Click [OK] to close the window.


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