Accounts Receivable - Cash Receipts History Inquiry



The Cash Receipts Entry task allows a review of payments and adjustments to a customer's account. Only the header and Comments are editable.


=> To access this task...

Select Cash Receipts History Inquiry from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


Cash Receipts History Inquiry


About the Fields


In the Bank Deposit Number field...

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, to view the previous record, to view the next record and to view the last record.

In the Comments field...

Enter free-form comments about this cash receipts entry. These comments are useful in saving notes about specific details related to this specific entry.

  • Enter or edit by typing directly into the form field, or click Click (or Ctrl-F) to launch the comment editor.

GL Distribution button...

The two common methods for writing off small balances are:

  1. Use a Cash Receipt Code with the AR/GL flag set to "Both." Enter a check# such as "WRTOFF" with a zero dollar amount.  Credit the desired amount as if it were a payment, then select "GL Distribution" and enter the same amount in a miscellaneous over/short or other GL account.

  2. Set up a Cash Receipt Code with the "Deposit Amt and Adjustments" and "Discount" checkboxes both unmarked. This eliminates the entry of a dollar amount and forces the user to distribute the write-off to an appropriate account rather than the default discount account.


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