Accounts Payable - Invoice History Inquiry



This task is used to query historical invoices. Processing dates (invoice, accounting, due, and discount) are available for review as are the details of the invoice itself (transaction type, reference, date, trans amount, and trans discount). Only the Internal Invoice Comments field is editable.


=> To access this task...

Select Invoice History Inquiry from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


Payment Group Maintenance


About the Fields


Only the Internal Invoice Comments field is editable.


In the AP Type field...

  • Enter an alphanumeric code to identify the AP type code.

  • Click Click to select an AP code from a list of existing AP types code records.

In the Vendor ID field...

  • Enter a valid vendor ID number.

  • Click Click to select a vendor ID from a list of existing ID records.

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, to view the previous record, to view the next record and to view the last record.

In the Invoice field...

  • Enter a valid invoice number.

  • Click Drilldown button to view a list of invoices for this vendor .

With these fields entered the Invoice Information tab fields are populated with the Invoice details


In the Internal Invoice Comments field...

These comments are internal only (don't appear on reports or customer-facing documents), and follow the order all the way through invoicing and into history. They can be changed/amended at any time (even AFTER the invoice goes to history).

  • To enable edits select  .

  • Enter or edit by typing directly into the form field, or click Click (or Ctrl-F) to launch the comment editor.


If the window is closed without saving the record, the module issues this confirmation prompt:


Save changes for this record?

  • Click [Yes] to save the changes.

  • Click [No] to return to the Accounts Payable Maintenance Menu without saving the record.


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