Accounts Payable - Payment Groups



This task is used to define and maintain the payment group codes that are used to group vendors or invoices for automatic payment selection. For example, all vendors paid on the 15th may be assigned a payment group code with a description of "Payment on 15th."


=> To access this task...

Select Payment Groups from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


Payment Group Maintenance


About the Fields


To enable edits to the form select  .


In the Payment Group field...

  • Enter a 2-character alphanumeric code to identify this payment group.

  • Click Record Query button Record Query button to select a payment group from a list of existing payment code records. See Query Functions.

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, Previous Record button to view the previous record, Next Record button to view the next record, and Last Record button to view the last  record.

NOTE: You must define one standard default payment group, that must be " " (two blanks). You must define this default regardless of how many other codes you have. This module will not work properly if you do not define this standard default code.



In the Description field...

  • Enter a description of up to 20 characters in length.

Payment group codes are assigned to vendors and invoices to be used in selecting invoices for payment.


Payment Group Code Examples



Pay on 10th of month



Freight bills



Always select to pay


Codes are limited to 2 characters, with 20-character descriptions.


When finished entering payment group codes:

  • Click Save button to save the record.

  • Click Delete record to delete the Payment Group Code in the currently selected grid row.

  • Click the "Close Window" button to return to the Accounts Payable Maintenance menu.


CAUTION: Do not delete payment group codes already assigned to vendors or invoices that exist in the module. To do so causes errors during processing.


If the window is closed without saving the record, the module issues this confirmation prompt:


Save changes for this record?

  • Click [Yes] to save the changes.

  • Click [No] to return to the Accounts Payable Maintenance Menu without saving the record.

  • Click [Cancel] or the "Close Window" button to return to the Payment Groups Maintenance Window.


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