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The Accounts Payable parameters determine the way the module processes business accounts. The parameters in Parameter Maintenance are divided into two areas: Application Parameters and Report Parameters. Once the Accounts Payable module is in operation, consult your AddonSoftware dealer before making any changes.


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Select Parameters from the Accounts Payable Inquiry and Maintenance menu.


About the Parameter Maintenance Options

Use the Application Parameters option to create, modify, delete or display the Accounts Payable module parameters. When you enter parameters for the first time, the Report Parameters option is accessed after the module parameters are entered.


Use the Report Parameters option to define and maintain company names and addresses that use the module. You will access this information to export 1099 Form information and for reference.


The parameters are defined as part of the module installation, and generally these are not modified later. The parameters are used throughout the Accounts Payable tasks to control module functions. When changing the parameters without the assistance of your dealer (avoid unless absolutely necessary), study the parameter information in the Installation section before making any changes.



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