Accounts Payable - Operations Overview

The Operations section contains descriptions of the Accounts Payable tasks with sample of each screen. Each field is described and the operation of each task is explained. Examples of each report and register are also provided. Use this section as a reference when using the Accounts Payable menu options.


The tasks in this section are organized according to the order on the menu in a standard installation of the software. Because AddonSoftware menus are customizable, the appearance and function of your Accounts Payable module may vary slightly from the descriptions in the manual.


Inactive Accounts Enhancement - The vendors a company purchases from may change or cease operations, but it is still necessary to be able to refer to historic purchases made from those vendors. This is important in the Inventory and Purchase Order Processing modules where one would want to avoid creating new AP entries or making payments to these no longer active vendors. Therefore it becomes necessary to retain the information, while at the same time, not clutter up the day to day operations. The “Vendor Inactive” flag within the Vendor Account Maintenance function addresses this situation.


The filtering of Vendor Code Lookups has the Inactive Vendors hidden by default and issues warnings when attempting to use inactive vendors, preventing their use in certain functions, and offers the filtering of reports to suppress these inactive vendors as an option. This does not in any way alter data that is present in a vendor account marked as inactive. If the inactive account has a balance for instance, it will still appear on reports that use these balances for reporting purposes; such as the AP Aging report and various Period End journals.


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