Accounts Payable - Manual Check Register



The Manual Check Register is a list of the checks entered through Manual Check Entry task, including void and reversed checks. The invoices, amounts and check totals are shown for each manual check.


=> To access this task...

Select Manual Check Register from the Accounts Payable main menu.


Do you want to run the Manual Check Register?

  • Click [Yes] to run the register.

  • Click [No] or the "Close Window" button to return to the Accounts Payable Processing Menu.

Sample Manual Check Register


See Output Options.


A Manual Check Register GL Summary report is next automatically created with the same output options.


Sample Manual Check Register GL Summary


See Output Options.



After completing the output selection tasks, the system issues the following prompt:


Run manual check register update?
  • Click [Yes] to run the register.

  • Click [No] or the "Close Window" button to return to the Accounts Payable Processing menu.

The manual checks are updated to the Open Invoice file and Monthly Check file. The disbursement history is updated for each paid vendor. Void checks are recorded in the Monthly Check file. When the GL module is installed, the General Ledger Daily Detail file is posted as required for manual check and check reversals. Refer to Appendix B, Accounts Payable Postings, for complete information about general ledger postings.


NOTE: For each invoice not initially entered through the Invoice Entry task, a transaction is automatically created and added to the Open Invoice file during the Manual Check Register Update process. This transaction, which can be viewed in the Open Invoice Inquiry option of the Vendor Maintenance, has an identification of MI (Manual Invoice). The amount of this type of transaction corresponds to the amount of the manual check applied to the invoice. Any unpaid amount of for the invoice is not recorded in the system unless it was entered separately through the Invoice Entry task. This type of transaction exists to enable audit tracking of invoices paid by manual checks.



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