Report Control Documents


Use Report Control in AddonSoftware to set up automated addition of various reports to the Barista Document Queue for email or fax transmission. The Report Control Documents form captures information about the reports/documents that will be automated, and the Report Control Recipients form captures the email or fax information for one or more recipients for each report in the Report Control Documents table.

Some documents, such as AR Invoices or Statements, are "batch mode," meaning that several documents may be added to the Document Queue for each Invoice or Statement run. As such, several Report Control Recipient records will likely exist for each Report Control Documents record. Other documents are stand alone, and intended for email or fax transmission to a single recipient.

See Appendix A for information about how to enable a document program for automated Report Control.


NOTE: This Appendix would likely only be needed/used by VARs, not End Users.


=> To access this task...

Select Report Control from the AddonSoftware Administration menu.

Report Control

About the Fields

The Report Control Documents form receives defaults from the AddonSoftware Company Information table, and also interfaces with the Barista Email Accounts table.


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