AddonSoftware Administration - GL Posting Control



Use GL Posting Control defines the parameters which control the interface between various programs and the General Ledger. An entry must exist for each program that posts to the General Ledger. The definitions are pre-configured as a part of standard installation of AddonSoftware. It is unusual to change the pre-configured settings.


Though similar to the Posting Control task found on the General Ledger Maintenance menu, the task launched from the AddonSoftware Administration Settings menu allows access to all fields except for Last Used and Last Updated. The two tasks refer to the same tables and differ only in the field access of the user interface. Access is limited to only three fields (Journal ID, Summarized Posting Memo, Detail Level). This allows a security granularity that is advisable since the GL Posting Control records are integral to the proper functioning of the whole system.


=> To access this task...

Select GL Posting Control  from the Settings menu.


GL Posting Control



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