AddonSoftware Administration - Appendix B  – Batch Processing Control


Process Batch Control is a feature to facilitate allowing multiple users to enter and work within their own group of transactions (i.e., a "batch"), without interfering with transactions in other users' batches. Batching also obviates the need to lock the entry files. For example, users A and B can simultaneously create Accounts Payable Invoices, processing them through the Invoice Register and Update. During the entry, register, and update portions of the process, each user only has access to the transactions in their batch. The users can thus work independently of each other, and also not run the risk of encountering an error due to a locked entry file. Once the Invoices have been updated, the batching constraint is removed and they are generally available to anyone that has the proper access for further processing.


A Process Batch Number is your personal work identifier for grouping your own transactions, and once assigned, you can exit and resume entry using that same batch number. The  batch number is tied to your work for the duration of the task's data entry, register, and update cycle. For the data entry task, you can create a new or select an existing batch number. For generating the register or updating, you select from existing batches.


Batch processing is enabled using the Process Maintenance task under the AddonSoftware Administration - Settings menu. The Process Batch Control feature is available for the following processes:

  • AP Invoice Entry/Reg/Update
  • AP Manual Check Entry/Reg/Updt

  • A/R Conv Inv Entry/Reg/Update

  • AR Cash Receipts Entry/Reg/Upd

  • AR Finance Charge Entry/Reg/Up

  • AR Simple Invoice Entry/Reg/Up

  • BM Inventory Production Proc.

  • BM Order/Production Processing

  • GL Account Allocation Process

  • GL Journal Entry/Reg/Update

  • IV Cost Change Entry/Reg/Update

  • IV Price Change Entry/Reg/Updt

  • IV Transaction Entry/Reg/Updt

  • IV Transfer Entry/Reg/Updt

  • WO Conversion Entry/Reg/Update

  • WO Cost Adjustment Processing

  • WO Material Issues Processing

  • WO Time Sheet Entry/Reg/Update

When Batching is enabled for a process, the Process Batch Control form is automatically launched for entering a new Batch Number or selecting an existing Batch.


Process Batch Control


About the Fields


In the Batch No field...

  • Enter a valid Batch Number.

  • Click Record Query button to select a Batch Number from a list of existing ID records.

  • Click Clear Form button to clear the form and begin again.

  • Click  to edit the Description.

  • Click the record navigation buttons; to view the first record, to view the previous record, to view the next record and to view the last record.

  • Click the [Select Batch] button to use the Selected Batch for the Transaction Processing you are entering or working on.

To review all batches currently in the system, launch Process Batch Control Maintenance from the AddonSoftware Administration > Settings menu. This form is similar to the one presented when creating/selecting a batch, but cannot be used to add or change batch information. Rather, use this form to see which batches contain data (i.e., the associated entry files contain records for this batch), and to delete empty batches if desired. In the event that an unanticipated error occurs during batch processing, the "Check for orphans" additional option can be used to read through entry files for this process and detect any records referencing an non-existent batch.


Process Batch Control Maintenance


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